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    Jul 25, 2013

    I am trying to look for the electronic switch for bathroom, It should work like when we open the door of the bathroom the light starts and get in and close the door the light still stays on and again when we open the door to get out it will stays on and after getting out when we shut the door the light should shut off.
    If anybody know the circuit idea pls. let me know

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    Apr 27, 2013
    It probably be easier to put in a motion activated switch. It will turn on the light when you enter and will keep the light on when you move about. After you leave the light will be on for about 5 minutes before it is turned off.
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    Oct 17, 2011
    Hi, There are many approaches to do this. This is one of them. For this you need a CD 4017 and a NE555 ICs. Consult the datasheets of both ICs for pin connections. Assuming that you know the basics of circuit designing and connections. Read the steps carefully and try to understand idea. Also see attachment for clear idea.
    • START: Door is closed and Q0 of 4017 would be HIGH by default. (It has no connection).
    • You open the door: Your door switch send a pulse at pin 14 (clkin ) and the Q1 of 4017 becomes HIGH >> So light turns ON.
    • You close the door: Door switch released >>No change.
    • You open the door to come out: Q2 of 4017 becomes HIGH and triggers a 555 monostable. >> Light remains ON for the monostable period and then turn OFF.
    • ** Q1 and pin3 of 555 are connected through a diode and are driving the light.
    ***Pin3 of 555 also resets the 4017 IC.
    Complete monostable and other 4017 connections.
    Good Luck ;)
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  5. WBahn


    Mar 31, 2012
    Think carefully about your proposed sequence. Does it really meet your needs?

    It assumes that the door will normally be kept closed and only opened when someone is going in or coming out. Is that a good assumption?

    It assumes that every time the door is opened that someone will make a single transition (in or out) and then close the door. Is that a good assumption?

    What happens if someone opens the door, steps in to get a tissue to blow their nose, and then leaves and closes the door? Your system would turn the light on and keep in on even though no one is in there. Then when the next person came in to use the bathroom it would shut the light off as soon as they shut the door. Is that the behavior you want?

    Just replace your switch with a motion sensor switch and be done with it (unless the switch would be in a position where it couldn't see motion in the room, but even then the delay can be set long enough so that it shouldn't normally be a problem).
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Agreed, the ideal sensor is not a door event sensor but would be an occupancy sensor.

    A motion sensor is one type but might not be ideal as they will fail to output once someone becomes quite still (like sitting on the toilet).

    I would look at the Sharp range of GP2 IR distance sensors, you can get a 1.5 metre range device that could be mounted on the wall in a place where it will always point at the occupant.