Basics on battery voltages

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    Oct 6, 2008
    Dear all,

    Sorry that I need to ask some questions on fundamental stuff regarding batteries. Re-chargeable batteries as well. Please help to answer the following:

    - if a battery is stated as 14.4Ah, does it mean that if constantly drawing 14.4A, it will last for 1 hour? Does it also mean that if a circuit is drawing 16A or even 17A, it will still be able to power the circuit but it will last less than an hour?

    - when a 24V or 12V re-chargeable battery, maybe Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer type, is being used and subsequently the battery is drained, does this mean that if I measure the voltage using a voltmeter, it will register 0 volt or? I am a bit confused as I have a battery that is 75% full based on the battery monitoring LED indicator, I measure the voltage across to be about 23.4V and when I did likewise for another battery which registered as 0%, it was measured to be only 23.1V. Why?

    I hope some kind souls out there can help me clear these doubts of mine.

    A million thanks....

    Best regards
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