Basics of grounding.

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I can't imagine how silly this question might seem to a person experienced in electronics but I have a question on grounding that has to be asked. To be more accurate it will stop my life from being a game of Russian rulette with every switch press.

I asume a common ground on a circuit means that the parts marked with the ground symbol are all attached to the same piece of copper on the pcb. If that is right; does this common copper then need to be attached to the earth wire, the neutral, or just left unconnected?


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You can leave your circuit ground unconnected to an external reference. If you do wish to make the connection, do so to the earth wire. That is the only safe connection to make.


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how is the earth wire set up? let's say in a semiconductor manufacturing site... how is this "earth ground" set up?

now going back to Rushtond's circuit, in case the ground is hooked up to ground of oscilloscope which is called a chassis ground right? while you only see the power supply connection of the oscilloscope connected "externally" now where will current flow (chassis ground right? and what kind of circuitry is this, in the absence of earth ground connection?)