Basic USB application to transfer batches of 128 bytes into PIC

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    PIC 18F4550 (USB capable) - Just Assembler, not C conversant myself.

    I need to move lot of data into a PIC in batches of 128 bytes for futher processing by the micro. Nothing is returning to the PC.

    Right now, data is in .txt files in decimal format but I could change that as needed.

    Long time ago, I implemented a board (18F4550) for basic applications using USB. Software was just copy / pasted (no development from my side).

    I would like to find ready-made code using the USB protocol for the transfer. I need also the minimum that could be required at the PC side to handle the transfer to the PIC.

    Does anyone know what I could use? The focus of my interest is on what goes after the transfer so I look for something albeit simple but running out of the box.

    Concrete suggestions appreciated.
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