Basic-language microcontrollers

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Hey guys.
I want to get new microcontrollers for hobby projects, I already know kinda good the BASIC language so I want to get a microcontroller that can be programmed with BASIC.
I know the is the BS2 but it is really expensive, do you guys know a microcontroller that is kinda cheap and programmable with BASIC or a derivate from it?
The best one I found yet is the PICAXE.



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Its what I use all the time. Quick, cheap, free software, very little to interface up to serial port. Lacks real power or a serial speed faster than around 2400 unless you go to the latest more expensive jobs.


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Hi their.

There is a company called MikroElektronika (I think thast how its spelt) That makes a Basic compiler for AVR.

I have bought the full version and find it very good.
There is also a fully functional demo version that is suitable for many users applications ( 2k max hex file limit i think it is)

Because the code is compiled then uploaded as a hex you dont get the in-efficiences of some other basic styled microcontroller systems that come from interpreted code (much slower and less code can be uploaded)

I have used a company called futurlec ( extensively for hardware and you will find that you can set yourself up to learn BAsic on the AVR for under $50USD

MikroBasic you will find as a free download by googling it.

Hope you find this info useful.