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I am in first year electrical construction and maintenance and I have a test coming up in electronics that I need practice for.

I would like some very basic diode/transistor circuits with 1 or 2 missing values that I would need to find in series or parallel, I am not very good at this and would greatly appreciate any assistance, you could make your own circuits for me to try and solve or you can direct me to another resource where there are multiple and I can practice.

I have been searching google but haven't had any luck until I came across this forum.

Any contribution would be greatly appreciated!!


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Google gave me this, so I'd say have a look here and see if you find what you need.

Do you not have any textbooks or coursepacks from which you can study? Even if it already has worked out solutions, try covering up the solutions in the book, solve it yourself, and see how you did. Good luck!