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I'm new to this forum so just like to say hello before i ask for some help!

I'm half way through a basic electronics course and i am stuck on a question about drawing a circuit that will produce a large output at one particular frequency. I have also got to comment on the neccessary differences there would be if i were to use the circuit at 1 Khz and 1 Mhz.

I have attempted the question by drawing a series LC circuit and commented on adjusting the values of the inductance and capacitance to raise or lower the resonant frequency. i'm struggling to think of any other differences?

Can any one give me a few pointers?

Thanks much appreciated


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A anti-resonant circuit is what you described ... peaking at a single frequency. A resonant circuit will have it's nadir at a single frequency.

You could include the Q of the circuit and how to change the Q.