Basic car lights/switches

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Hey experts...newb here.

I'm looking to install LED lights in my car that pulse with the subwoofer.

1) Can I just plug this circuit into the sub terminals?

2) I'm guessing I'll want the stock lights to be off, so I'll install LED switches so that I can turn those lights on at will (eg. the trunk light). I've been looking at basic LED 12V/20A 3 terminal rocker switches (is that too many amps for basic car lights?). The problem is that I want the LED lights to stay on when the stock lights are off. Is there any way to wire it that way or a particular brand I could use or a entirely different/faster method?

Thanks in advance.

I dont think it matters, but I drive a 1995 Buick Lesabre


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This thread will likely get closed due to the fact that you wish to modify a circuit for use with your vehicle. Anything dealing with vehicles is not allowed on this forum, unfortunately. Better safe than sorry.
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