BandPass Filter - Sallen Key

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Hi everyone,

Any one have a link of documentation to fix this problem.
What is the step by step to calculated the component value?
I would like to calcualted all the compoenet value (resistor and capasistor).
Apperciated your all help.

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yes...but i have stuck on how to combine with low pass and the high pass...i spend whole week at this....get headache.
Even refer the analog and the NS website also get stuck.

Any hints for this. Thanks
If can, can list down the step. Thanks a lot


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There are probably at least two stages of learning which will lead you to acquiring some skill in circuit design - such as is required in this case of filter design.

Analysis - before you can design a circuit you need to be able to analyze a circuit. What makes it work? What is happening physically? What mathematics are involved? And so forth ... For instance this is a Chebyshev filter - what does that mean? What other filter types are there?

Synthesis - being able to analyze the design is important. Then comes the ability to create something from scratch based on what you understand about typical circuits that perform the required task. There are issues of specification. How will you meet that specification? What compromises will you make? What are the limitations of your design. And so on ...

So let me ask you. Are you able to analyze the circuit you have posted? - if not then you are unlikely to be able to successfully design that filter for other conditions. For example - a different gain or cut-off frequency or pass-band.

In any case, the design shown for the given specification probably wont be unique - there will be many possibilities in terms of component values for instance.