Backlight on monitor not 100% lit, how can I read the board layout to find what controls it?

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I found a pdf diagram online of the power board PCB for my monitor.

The problem is (I posted here before) that there is one LED strip along the left side of the monitor to power its backlight.

Along this strip, there's only about 6 of the 30 LEDs that actually work.

I bought a new strip on eBay and the same issue, the same 6 turn on and the rest dont, leaving me to this the power controller for it is damaged.

I have no electronic skills, just basic soldering and troubleshooting.

I found this PDF online, and in pages 35 to 38 of the PDF is my exact board. How can I read the diagram / schematic to figure out what controls the LED back light strip?


EDIT: Exact monitor I have is a ViewSonic VA2446mh-LED and the LED strip is M236HJJ-L30-TREM2


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I think this is connector section to strip, maybe some 0 ohm
jumpers at issue ? R819 - R822 ?


Page 36 of manual.

Regards, Dana.