Baby monitoring system ideas

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I intend to make a baby monitoring system. I was wondering which form of communication would be best in regards to analogue or digital. Basically, there are couple of sensors that detects (eg: motion, moisture, temperature) and also a voice detection system which turns on the system when baby cries. This in turn sends an alarm to receiver from the transmitter. So I want to know which method of communication would be best for this system and also can you please provide some reasons.



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The best and recommended systems to monitor a human infant are all best described as analog systems.

You should install a competent cognizant human being of sufficient age and maturity to correctly monitor any situation that may present itself. It is recommended to install a surrogate monitor for those times when the primary parents or guardians are absent to act in loco parentis.

Communication may then be a simple as yelling "HELP! LITTLE TIMMY FELL INTO THE WELL!"


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Commercial baby monitors used to be 49MHz FM radios, same as early cordless phones. You might want to start with an existing solution and modify it.

For telemetry data (moisture, temp,etc.), you might just consider an internet nanny-cam adjusted to watch the local sensors. It would also provide audio. You'd be able to pull up the status anywhere, even from your smartphone. Or, there are HDTV-capable (high bandwidth) radios that you can use to transmit a video signal far enough to receive it elsewhere in your house.

If you really want to stick with radio, you'll need to encode and decode the telemetry data. for instance generate an audible chirp when all is good and a different tone when you have an alarm.