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    Hello everyone,

    I have a job interview in an Airline on 20th Feb. They have asked me to give a demo on a topic of your my own choice.

    I have selected "Antennas". My demo has the following agenda:

    - Definition
    - Principle
    - Components (Driven Element, Reflector, Director)
    - Parameters (Gain, Radiation Pattern, Polarization, Grounding effect etc)
    - Impedance Matching/ Smith Chart
    - Antenna Types
    - Applications in Aviation

    I am really struggling with the last bit, "Application in Aviation". Can anyone please share the names of Antennas used in Aviation so that i can get some material. Right now what i get is different products by different companies. Please help.
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    How long do you have for your presentation?

    Your outline seems more appropriate for a student presentation, lengthy lecture, or series of lectures instead of a "demo." I would not expect "soup to nuts" coverage of an entire field in a demonstration for a job interview.

    As an example of what I would do, let's say there is some problem in antenna placement that you have worked on and solved. You need to introduce the subject, then show the problem and your resolution of it. You need to consider to whom you are speaking. It is a thin line between starting too basic and talking down to the group versus not giving enough background and making it seem too complex.

    Now, if you have not actually worked with antennas and are fresh out of school, then the approach would be different. Still, if you can personalize it to your experiences -- perhaps to research you did while in school -- you will probably do better than if you simply try to lecture on a subject. Remember, no one knows as much about research that you have done than yourself. There is no way that something you have read about will enliven your presentation like personal experiences will.

    In other words, lecturing to people for a job interview on a subject you have simply learned from a book can be a bit tricky, if the audience is also experienced in that area. Of course, you were probably required to do that as part of your training. The difference in a job application is that you need to show what you can contribute. It is not just another test or training exercise.

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    thank you so much for the replies. appreciate your concern :)

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    On a side note: Antennas can go no higher than 200'. otherwise you must contact the FAA and the FCC for approval.

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    Is your question: What types of antenna are used in aircraft?

    Here is a link with some very up-to-date info on aviation antenna for broadband/entertainment connections to satellite: