Average Voltage

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I hope that I'm not disturbing you with a similar question again.
I just wanna make sure I am correct on this one.
I have to find:
  • Output Waveform
  • \[V_{AVG}\]

Here's the circuit:

\[V_o\] terminals are as usual.

\[V_i=6sin(\omega t)\]

\[V_i>2V\], D1 ON, D2 OFF, \[V_o=3sin(wt)+1\]
\[V_i<-4V\], D1 OFF, D2 ON, \[V_o=-4V\]
\[-4\leq V_i \geq 2V\], D1 OFF, D2 OFF, \[V_o=V_i\]

* \[V_o\] waveform:

* \[V_{AVG}\]:

which gives as a result \[V_{AVG}=-0.155847\]
Am i right ? Im not sure because this is the most complex waveform I solved.
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I see that you found Mathematica, presumably on your school's network.

I solved the problem using the simpler method I demonstrated in the other thread. I get exactly the same result, so you're good to go. :)