Average Value and RMS Value of Voltage and Currents?

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The book we use in class uses very basic examples and my professor loves to just give us little twists and make our lives a living nightmare. (A joke but he does this a lot and it gets real annoying).

I have v(t) = -4 + 3sin(2t + 35) + 2 cos(3.14t +10) + 2cos(2t -64)V

I want to know the RMS value and the average value.

My first logical answer for average value was -4, because the integration of any sinusoid over a period is 0.

For my RMS value, I divide the amplitude of every sinusoid by the SQRT(2) then I square them while also squaring the (-4). I now sum all those values and take the SQRT of the sum to find my Vrms. Which is 4.97.. Volts.

I need confirmation if this is right or just absolutely incorrect. If the latter I would love some guidance.