AV400v2 - Another 400W Hi-Fi audio amplifier with remarkable sound

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    First, AV400v2 is much improved amplifier compared to the old AV400 amp. So, AV400v2 is a personal version of the amplifier AV400 or, in other words, how should it look old AV400. If I've sparked your curiosity even a little, then I invite you in this topic to buy even a piece of PCB AV400v2 which includes documentation of the amplifier assembly (including circuit diagram). Documentation amplifier is printed on paper (black and white).

    AV400v2 is a (400W - 4 Ohm) compact audio amplifier, Hi-Fi, with good performance, which we subjected to various tests, as you'll see in the videos below. In the two videos below (excuse me, I haven't made ​​a subtitle, but the images are quite suggestive), I tried to highlight what this amp is capable. Unfortunately, Xvid video quality is not the best, maybe even the sound (which is compressed to 192kb/s), but important things you can see see and hear.

    AV400v2 is presented in two versions: AV400v2.1 and AV400v2.2 (using the same PCB). AV400v2.1 is MOSFET output transistor and AV400v2.2 is BJT output transistors.

    1. TEST AV400v2 - BJT version:

    2. TEST AV400v2 - MOSFET version:


    In recent years, I have performed various tests, especially with MOS-FET pair IRFP240 and IRFP9240 and, one thing revealed in many technical audio books, indeed, an audio amplifier with MOS-FETs sounds best if he sandwiched one driver pair transistors between VAS amp stage and output stage.
    I even made ​​a comparison in this respect. In fact, both AV400v2 amplifier, and GX400 have passed in recent years by some tests - including tests of various topologies (example: Output Triple amplifier...) - and after this I got the version presented.

    AV400v2 PROJECT or AV400v2 Documentation contains 10 pages with these "chapters":

    1. AV400v2 - Cover
    2. AV400v2 - Electrical diagram v2.1 and 2.2
    3. AV400v2 - List of electronic components
    4. AV400v2 - Indications for operation amplifier
    5. AV400v2 - All Layers PCB
    6. AV400 v2 - PCB Copper Top
    7. AV400 v2 - PCB Copper Bottom
    8. AV400 v2 - Drill Info

    DOCUMENTATION (printed black and white) is valid in English.

    PCBs prices are as follows (PCB size = 216 x 79 mm):

    1 pcs. PCB AV400v2 = 19 USD (includes printed above project to help in assembling the amplifier).

    2 pcs. PCB AV400v2 = 36 USD (two pieces include with printed project mentioned above, to assemble the amplifier)

    Who buys more than two pieces, the price is 17 USD/pcs. PCB.

    I have available built units in two forms:

    a) fully assembled at the price of 85 USD / piece (see pictures below - in this moment only one piece available with MOS-FET).

    b) semi-assembly built units - price of 82 USD / piece (I currently only available 4 pieces but depending on demand, I can assemble some extra).
    WARNING! semi-assembly built units isn't soldered output transistors, drivers and bias transistor. So, these components will come separately along PCB. After that, depending on how the PCB clamping the heat sink, you have glue them.

    Payment can be made via pay-pal at:


    For more details please contact me via private messaging forum.allaboutcircuits.com or via email: donpetru@gmail[dot]com

    AV400v2 amplifier needs 1.2Vrms on the input in order to deliver nominal power. Supply voltages are +/-(40 ... 80)Vdc.
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