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    What are the subjects that I need to learn to understand who to convert a robotic platform car to autonomous robotic car, like computer vision, path planning and others subjects in artificial intelligent (what are these subjects?) and what more subjects?
    And what are the problems that have to convert a robotic platform car to an autonomous robotics car?
    Maybe you know about some products that if I add to the robotic platform car then it can help me and do it more easily to convert it to an autonomous robotics car
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    Your questions are so theoretical that they are probably far outside the realm of being an actual modification discussion, so this discussion is probably okay here in spite of the automotive modifications ban. :)

    What you are asking about is highly specialized and uncommon yet. You would likely be better off reading research papers from organizations already pursing autonomous vehicles like Google's self-driving project.

    The questions are so deep and complex that it's hard to even tell you where to begin.

    A laser scanner or stereo-pair camera system may provide topological data, but that data is useless unless the computer can somehow interpret it.

    The computer needs to know what the "things" are that it is seeing to know what can be ignored, what should be avoided, and what provides guidance. You don't want it misinterpreting where the edge of the road is and careening off into the ditch along the Interstate at 85 mph.

    What is the difference between say a white stripe on the road, and a white pipe on the road? Should the computer try to avoid the object?

    Really, you're likely far better off to go read the research papers of people designing these object/obstacle/threat analysis systems.
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    Oct 5, 2008