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    Mar 4, 2014
    I am currently in charge to handle the wiring, fuses, and connectors for an autonomous lunarbot. I don't know what's better to use either fuses or switches? The robot uses a brushed dc motor controllers, an arduino mega for a CMUCAM4, an arduino uno for sharp infrared sensors ranging from long to short range, and 2 lithium polymer batteries. Where to place either the fuses or switches am still reading about it?? I know the batteries already come with a built-in protection for any over current or voltage and the motor controllers as well. Any input about what's better either fuses or switches and where to place them would be helpful?? Lastly, I am using a 12 gauge wire(white and black). Any suggestions? As far as connectors, am planning to use T connectors combining male and female connectors.

    Thanks for any tip provided.
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    Fuses and switches are not used for the same purpose. A fuse makes a miserable switch because it only works once and switches make miserable fuses because they just melt when you run too much current through them. Again, only one operation per device.

    Please sort out your thoughts and try again.
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    AND please provide more information.

    We don't need to know your wire gauge, but we do need to know your motor voltage and current draw, and your battery voltage, and capacity (Ah or mAh) and the specs of your DC motor drivers (max current etc).