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Gee, I see some familiar ideas there.

It is worth mentioning this list is not complete, new ways to get your thread closed will come up from time to time.

High power RF or Lasers used in an unsafe manner for example.

Jokes about using normally safe circuitry in a manner that is anything but (such as timers for bombs). Jokes like this aren't funny.

I'm sure we will see new and creative to get your threads shut down come out.


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Just to be the devil's advocate. Will this also include questions related to car stereo/ entertainment and car GPS. Say I want help to control the car stereo with a relay.


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The sticky should have been closed, as comments are not necessary in it. It is simply a reminder of the new Terms of Service.

I will repost the section -
6. Restricted topics. The following topics are regularly raised however are considered “off-topic” at all times and will results in Your thread being closed without question:

  • Any kind of over-unity devices and systems
  • Automotive modifications
  • Devices designed to electrocute or shock another person
  • LEDs to mains
  • Phone jammers
  • Rail guns and high-energy projectile devices
  • Transformer-less power supplies

If You come across a thread or post discussing any of the above topics please report the thread so We can close, and if necessary remove, the offending thread/posts.
The restriction on automotive topics is global.


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One way or the other, a car stereo will come up. Which from my point of view is something we should be able to discuss.


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All automotive topics involving modification to existing electrical/electronics is now not to be discussed.
A bit harsh maybe. But for my own part I do not care. Since I am not into this kind of modifications at least in this forum. And it will be other forums I can go to if needed.

But to be clear I think the automotive in line restricted topics should read
  • Automotive modifications included modification to existing electrical/electronics. Is now not to be discussed


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Name something electronic that can be purchased that Is not sealed
and never to be serviced other than a authorized place or person.
First you violate the warranty,second your chances of permanant
damage Is 99%. Third your purchase will look deformed from attemping
to take apart. Forth a T.V. repair with all the pictures and Input from
knowledgeable Forum members has never been acomplished.
There Is a younger membership,more daring excited by sparks
and smoke,remember shop class when transformers were shorted to
see and smell the smoke. The Internet Is changing, what If you were
banned from the Internet without a reason and no way to log on to
find out. A good question,where would you start.Who would you call,
who would you write to.There nobody out there,what If your f.I.C.A.
score come knocking on your computer door,It controls your life now
without your permission. A Moderator Is the least of your concerns,
you should be looking at the big picture,you are looking at the big
picture your plasma T.V. and your large computer monitor screen.
Enjoy while you have a credit card, cash Is no good anymore.


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So you can't help me troubleshoot my passenger door controls? because they, along with the lock, don't work...

[EDIT], hey, nothing against plasma :D


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For once, loosewire, I understood one of your posts completely and I agree with all of it, bar the last sentence.

It is true that technology has advanced so far and hi-tec achievements are incorporated into almost every everyday technologic item, that it is near impossible for one man to repair it by himself, with general technologic knowledge. You need to have schooled in an actual company in order to be able to cope with just one and only technologic field. General college education is hardly ever adequate.

Plastic money in the other hand, is something all of us can and should (in my humble opinion) exclude from our everyday life.


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I would start by reading the peak to peak voltage of the wave form
on a vom meter to understand where to start since I don't have a scope
handy.Then I would take It to an society of auto engineers trained mechanic.
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First place to chek Magnet, is the wiring loom were goes from body to door, can have wires broken internaly from door opening & shutting flexing the cables.


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Yea, I was gonna pull the panels off this weekend and check all that...
Troubleshooting the warning system might be a bit more difficult... currently my fix was to just rip it out, so I have no seatbelt chime, no door open chime, no hood open chime...
at least it's quiet

@looswire, not a ford guy?