Automotive fets

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    Jul 24, 2008
    Being a complete novice (Still reading and practicing)I need your'e help please.

    The heater control on a friends van has gone down. Doing some research I think it is the Fets on the heater module (see pics). A new heater will cost £350 whilst new fets cost £5, this will be good practice for me.

    Two questions.
    1 The fets are covered in potting compound, whats the best way to get in there (told heat and a scrape are good)

    2 The fets i need are BUZ 102=50V/42A N-channel FET but i am told IFR1010=55V/75 A will do. I will need to cut and resolder the fets in place as in the pictures.

    Thanks for reading and any help at all.