Automotive Alternator Stator

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Hello people, this is my first ever thread post here. What i was hoping to be easily obtainable info is seeming to be more and more time consuming to find out. Im wondering, in general, what length of wire and what gauge wire is used per phase in a 100, 200 and 300 amp automotive alternator stator. Im guessing there can be differences between brands, but im also guessing there is a general gauge and length of wire associated with each of the three amperage outputs im inquiring about, per phase, in the stator. I dont know where to locate this info so i signed up here today to see what y'all have to say. Thanks in advance!
There is whether the stator is delta or wye wound to consider. As far as a "standard" winding size and length goes I may be wrong, but looking at a 60 amp Mitsubishi and a 60 amp Ford side by side would lead me to believe there is a lot more to consider. Final installation requirements are probably what the alternator is designed around instead of designing something to work with the alternator (other than what it will take as a minimum design to get the job done).

There is the RPM of the alternator to consider along with overall cooling of the alternator. Better cooling could get away with smaller wire. Higher RPMs should presumably be able to use smaller wire. I'm no expert in the alternator area, but have dealt with enough of them to know they come in all shapes and sizes in the same capacity and most likely nothing is "standard".