Automatic Parking 8051

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I am at last year for my electronics diploma and I need to build project.

In this project, I will need a car model, which will be made up of a base. This will have two motors, one for the model to move forward and backwards, and the other for the two front wheels to turn left or right. The base of this model will be taken from a remote control car

These two motors will be interfaced with 3 sensors which will be placed on the front, rear and the side which the car is going to park. Both the motors and the sensors are going to be controlled by an 8051 microcontroller which will calculate the angle and distance needed for the car model to park in the space. This project will only produce parking on one side of the car.

Do you have any idea where I can buy a model car which have these caracteristics please? if you have any help such as programs to control motors, where to buy the model car, schematics. I need help because I do not know where to start.



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This sounds like an interesting project. What sensors do you plan on using, ultrasonic? And how will the parking space limits be defined (brick wall, lines on floor?)
I got an RC car from Walmart years ago. It had two motors, one for drive, and one for steering, and it was powered from a 9.6V rechargeable battery. I would choose a car that had a battery voltage high enough to run whatever sensors you plan to use.