Automatic Irrigation System using Microcontroller 8051

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I'm trying to work on an automatic irrigation system using the Microcontroller 8051. I need help figuring out everything right from scratch because the circuit I previously had is completely incorrect. I also need the code for the same and need to use either a humidity or a temperature sensor, but anything that could use both would be great.

Please help.

Its an emergency!!


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Why is this an emergency?

Good system designs are not created in an emergency.

"There's never enough time to do it right, but there's always enough time to do it over."


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It would be a lot easier to respond if you had posted your initial circuit design, then people could makes suggestions on how to improve it.

Do you have a temp and/or humidity sensor in mind? Then maybe just connect them to a port on your 8051. By the way, which 8051 variant are you using?


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We have built this prototype for Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge! Using the concept of Internet of Things, this project is aimed at solving our irrigation and water wastage problem.
Please have a look, and share with your friends.
Thank you!


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You should have started your homework sooner, instead of leaving it to the last week and then begging other people to do it for you.