auto switching relay for 2 strings of batteries

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Hello i`am new to this fourm

I have 2 projects i want to build any schematics and diagrams would be great. First one is I run Solar and Wind for my cottage all year round I have 2 string of deep cell Crown 395 batteries each has 4 6VDC in a series = 24VDC. what i want to do is charge 1 string at a time while the other is running the 4000 watt inverter and when the voltage is down to 22vDC it will switch to the other charge bank of batteries from the wind and solar. I need a circut that will carry the amp to the inverter Model is a Magnum 4024 and also accept the input amp from the solar regulator and whisper 200. Model of the regulator for solar is a OutBack flex 80 and whisper 200.

I also have a Honda 6500eu to charge the batteries that need to charge both banks of batteries at once the generator is on I also have a Automatic Generator Start so when it detects the battery volts down to 22vDC it will start. Any suggestion, links, diagrams.

Second question is i have 8 solar panels now on a rack and going to add 8 more soon I want to make is auto tracking circut with a acutator.Does anyone have a parts list and diagrams to build one, it will help increase my output amp from my solar to charge the bank of batteries quicky. Thanks Thumpalong greatly appreacated. there is 3 attachment of the specs