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    May 4, 2010
    I need to know the particulars on wiring a system on my van from altinator and solar panels to battery bank (4 six cell batteries).I put one wire on my altinator to a single center +12v terminal on the converter or inverter the other one to the auto starter battery the other side to house battery and it melted the wire to the house battery even though I fused the ____out of it so I'm gun shy!One lead went from the alt + to inverter,converter. the other to car battery+ ,the other to the house battery+ with a ground to the inverter.The unit was supossed to charge both batteries from the altinalor.The car wiring was left alone the positive feed to the house battery fried I know not when and it was fairly heavy wire to house battery!Now I'm afraid to go solar as I will want to charge everything off 140watt alt then switch to solar automaticly when stop the truck !Did I choose the wrong charger(it was a el cheapo)I don't mind spending as long as it is works and is fire proof!Help!What I need is a detailed diagram or manual or miricle!!

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    Oh jeez brother.

    Experimenting with you car(or van) is a no-no.

    Start outside the vehicle. Build the device on in the shop.

    If you hooked the batteries up (-) from battery #1 to (+) of battery #2....
    In other words, in series, you quadrupled the voltage.

    If you did (+) to (+), or in parallel, you kept the voltage and quadrupled the amperage.

    Are you using any kind of speed controller, or safety devices?