auto reverse polarity switch

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Hi, I'm looking for a auto reverse polarity switch or circuit (small) to be used
with a on /off switch(mom on), replacing the original forward/reverse switch
(on-off-on). The original switch operates a battery powered screwdriver gun, 4 to 9 volts dc. It is a low RPM,high torque screwdriver gun.
The new switch or circuit needs a cycle time of 1 to 2 seconds in each direction (forward then reverse ) continuously when the on button/switch is pressed. Due to space,a mechanical solution isn't practical. I'm all thumbs in electronics. Any help is welcomed and greatly appreciated. thanks


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It would help to know how much current the motor draws especially when it works hard.

Are you able to measure that?


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Switch → NE555 Mono astable → NE555 Toggle Switch → Relay → reverse polarity

Search on google : NE555 Mono astable
Search on google : NE555 Toggle Switch