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  1. LostInLED

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    Mar 2, 2011
    Thanks for your questions.

    From the closed thread here

    Sorry. I should have filled out my profile. I am in the USA where radar detectors are legal in 49 states. Nice assumption though.

    Life is full of risk. For example riding a motorcycle puts me at risk of drivers who do not have radar detectors but do have cell phones, coffee, makeup, greasy breakfast burritos, and screaming kids and for the most part neither see me nor care about me. Like you maybe?

    Why does having a radar detector equate speeding? Maybe I just don't want to participate in my state's revenue generation program that they set up in their speed traps. Another incorrect assumption.

    It might interest you that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently conducted a study that found speed contributed to accident less than other factors. Another assumption. <snip>, you do that alot, huh?

    I don't need to speed to be killed by an inattentive driver or some aggressive audiophile.

    Jeeze I don't know. I am not in charge of that program. Do you really think I would have a answer for that? I can't even wire a simple relay circuit and you want me to answer that? But my unit is also a laser detector. :)

    Thanks for your questions. You might want to see someone about that.
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    +1, mostly.

    Be sure to edit the spelling boo boo in your title.
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    What IS legal in Canada? :D
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    Beer & Prostitutes.
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    Oops, just the beer. I'm too old for anything else. John
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    The OP is reminded that by not speeding, his attention will not be diverted looking for a warning from the radar detector, thus making him a safer driver in two ways.
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