Audio Systems on 35mm Projectors

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Good day folks! I've just taken on the task of assisting one of my neighbors in the goal of refurbishing some of the audio equipment in the family's movie theaters . . . one a sit-down the other is a drive-in. He's still running 35mm projectors but has plans to go digital. In the mean time, I'm patching up some ancient RCA MI-12188 amplifiers (imminently rebuildable). He has no schematics on the pre-amps that read the photo-pickups for the sound track.

    Wonder if anyone has ever run across exemplar equipment that would get me pointed in the right direction for understanding how these things work. Given modern electronics and fast-turn ECB fabrication, I can probably build new pre-amps faster than I can get details for chasing demons out of the old ones.


    Bob . . .
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