Audio switcher

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I would like to take 2 or three audio headphone inputs As a1 a2 a3
and one output o1
if audio exists on a1 then switch a2 off shunt then turn on a1
after a timedelay then switch off a1 shunt and turn on a2

this could be nested so that a third audio input can be accepted.
i would like to work with 6v powersupply as well

Solution 1:
a MAX4765ETC
looks like it will do the trick, but how to intergrate and connect up is a question. also how would i include a time delay. just so that pauses in speech wont chatter the signal.

solution two:
combine this voice over ptt schematic
with this audio sensor

or solution three:

which solution should i pursue given a 6v battery supply desire to control the time before switch return occurs?