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This might be over my head, but I want to build a system for recording myself playing guitar. I want something that will record everything I play and send it to some sort of database on my pc maybe. To explain, it would be like plugging an fm transmitter into my guitar's output, and having it transmit my guitar's signal to my computer. If anyone can point me in the right direction I just need a place to get started really.



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How about using line in of ur PC.

You can use a good sound card that supports ur OS. Creative sound cards are the best for me.

You can use the line out of ur guitar amp and plug into the line in of ur sound card.
There are recording software in creative sound cards like Audigy and X-fi.

Quite simple u know


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You want to send the guitar sound wirelessly, right?

There are pre-made devices that will send a 3.5jack signal over the GHz frequency in a few meters radius. They may require a power supply, though, and may not be very cheap (50euro range). My father bought one for wireless RGB video and 3.5mm jack sound.

Google what is available in your area.

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Yeah i'm looking to do it wirelessly, I have a huge set up with mics to record if I want. I just want it when i'm messing around and accidentally play something cool, I can go back and listen to it. I couldn't find any products like what I wanted, but I didn't look too hard. I was thinking it might be a fun project over the winter.


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it would be like plugging an fm transmitter into my guitar's output, and having it transmit my guitar's signal to my computer.Thanks
Do you mean like...
Plug an FM transmitter into your guitar. Plug a USB FM receiver into your computer. Start a music recording program. Play the guitar.

An example of a guitar transmitter: Google "fm guitar transmitter" for many others.

Google "usb fm receiver" for examples of USB FM receivers.

"Audacity" is an example of a music recording program. Google "music recording software" for many others. You can also use the Windows built-in "Sound Recorder" but...

Windows "Sound Recorder" apparently only lets you record for 60 seconds. To get around this, start a 60 second recording of nothing. When it is done, press the record button again to add another 60 seconds. Continue until you have a file that is an hour long or so. Write protect the file so you can't accidentally use it. Now make several copies of the hour-long file that you can use to work with. Un-write protect the copies and assign them practical filenames. You can then record over these blank files.