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AAC Members, please review my 'Audio Amplifier Basics' Power Point presentation. This presentation is aimed at an audience that knows nothing about audio.

Please critique. I know there is missing information and would like others to catch what I have missed. Offer suggestions as well.



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Is the purpose to help someone design an amplifier or is to help someone choose an amplifier?


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Could you be more specific as to what you are hoping to cover? Also, more information on your audience would be helpful. I know you stated that they don't know anything about audio, but what do you expect them to know about?

In the presentation, you said that Class B and Class D are the most common types of amplifiers. I would have thought instead of Class B that Class AB was more common due to the distortion inherent in Class B. Also, I don't think that Class A should be discounted simply because of the efficiency issues, I'm pretty sure people still use it.


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A couple of points:

- Follow the simple rule of presentations: Tell them what you are going tell them; tell them; then tell them what you told them. Therefore tell them the topic of discussion (no details) - which you've done. Tell them in detail - which you've done. Tell them what you told them as a conclusion - which you haven't done.

- There are missing sides as part of this presentation - is there a more complete version?

- Some slides are quite "wordy" particularly those after the Audio Power Specifications slide. The problem with wordy slides is that the viewer is reading the slide rather than listening to you - unless you read the slide content, which is bad practice as interest can easily be lost. Can I suggest that you trim some of the wordiness from these slides - ask yourself to what extent must I impart technical information, or is it an appreciation of the concept that matters.

- Good use of diagrams - remember a picture paints a thousand words and particularly for those who have little knowledge in this area, they will be able to relate to a picture/diagram better than technical details.

Just have a think about your audience and pitch your presentation at what they don't know but need to know. Also follow the tell-em format I stated above.

Good luck with your presentation.



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Many of our members do not have access to Microsoft PowerPoint software. Would it be possible to post your slides in pdf format to open up you request to a wider audience?


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The idea behind the presentation is to introduce audio power amplifiers (APA) to an audience who knows very little about audio. Concepts and solutions are semiconductor industry based (notebooke, desktop, cellphone audio); e.g., Class AB, BTL, criticial parameters. There is probably a million things one could go over, but I am not interested on touching about audiophile subjects/concerns or anything else esoteric.
I see the formating went to hell when I changed the background design. So I do need to make some changes. For a clarification, Class AB and Class D are most common in audio solutions.
Some slides are missing and I am in the progress of finishing the presentation today. If there are obvious technical items I am wrong or missed please let me know. I will upload an updated copy today.