Audio Interface troubleshoot/repair TASCAM US-122mkII

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Do any one have experience with audio interface repairing? An year ago I got an audio interface TASCAM US-122mkII. Its circuit board looks amazing and advanced. I opened because it stopped working (stopped installing driver). I searched in the internet but youtube has almost nothing about troubleshooting/reparing the model. Most of the problem I am reading about it in the internet is related to driver. I tried with different 3 USB cables, 4 different computers (Win7 32bit, Win 10 32 and 64 bit) with different versions of drivers issued by TASCAM. All attempt has same result so I think the problem now is in the board.

When it was working, it need driver installation almost everytime to connect it to same PC. However it was working with amazing quality. I am getting a ISP1583 USB controller chip inside the device and it is being controlled by ATMEL's ATMEGA162 microcontroller. Probably problems are under these two chips. Maybe Atmega162 has secret firmware of TASCAM and maybe we can do nothing about it. Near the chip, it has 6 pin header to load firmware to the microcontroller though. I don't know about the USB controller chip.

Do you have any idea or any solution in this condition? After playing with DIY transistor and opamp preamp from years, I got this device in my audio world, was breathtaking clear audio, but stopped. :(