audio control??

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ok, my objective is to have 5-6 momentary buttons, each button plays a specific sound, with decent quality, each sound can be repeated as much as possible ( every button press ) i have some electronics backround but not enough to have a clue where to start on the project!! i want to be able to assign the sounds to the button... volume output can be adjustable
and to have it all run off 12-24v.... any ideas where to start or how to do this?



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We need more information. What device is going to reproduce the sounds? Are the sounds tones of something else? How loudly must the sounds be emitted? What do you mean by "assign sounds to the button"?

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i had a feeling i didnt provide enough information, sorry about that...
my goal is to have each button play a sound like for instance a previous recording...
as for loudness i was going to have it play over music
so the device will contain a line in and out, music( CD player ) would be plugged into ( what im trying to make) and the output would go to an amp, music would play normal until i press one of the buttons... the music volume will lower slightly and the sound will play over the music and when it stops is will return to normal volume.. ( this change is only slightly, the "volume drop")
im not sure if im explaining it right, think of it as a DJ's "voice over" when they talk over the music, except i want to have pre-recorded sounds for each button, like example: my CD player is playing some normal music, when i tap the button label'd 'gunshots', the music volume lowers slightly and a gun shot sound is played at the same time, right when the pre-recorded sound is over, music jumps back to normal volume, and it will play this sound every time i hit the button labeld gunshots...follow me?

they sell these little record and playback devices at radioS, i think one for each sound should do. ill just have to cut the speaker out and ture it up to the output jack.

lemme know what u think
thanks again for the help


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What sort of quality are you after..?
Sounds more like you want a digital sampler (kinda like the ones that come on the higher end DJ mixers).
If the quality isn't important there are a number of low quality record/playback sampler chips around. check out the ISDN2560 series... Poor frequency response, poor signal to noise.... but audio memory is addressable in blocks.