Audio capacitor capacitance

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One sees advertised electrolytic capacitors for car audio systems with enormous capacitances in relatively small packages. For example, I have a 1.5 F capacitor rated at 20V (24V surge) that is just 54 mm dia. by 180 mm long (approximately 2 X 7 inches). In contrast, a Mallory 33,000 uF cap rated at 35V is almost as large (54 mm X 130 mm). From what I can tell, these audio caps are not the so-called pseudo-capacitors or hybrid capacitors. .

I assume there is a great deal of spec-manship going on in the car audio market. Are the ratings derived in the same way as for other types of capacitors?

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Those very high value capacitors are used when the installer cheats and connects the high power amplifier to the car battery with little telephone wires. Then after a few seconds for the capacitor to charge the amplifier can produce a thump at full power. Then another wait for the capacitor to charge again.

If good thick wires are used to power the amplifier then you won't hear any difference if the capacitor is connected.