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    Nov 17, 2013
    need help in this project . hw to start? how many stages ? what type of circuit?
    Design an audio amplifier ( class AB darlington pair configration output stage) ICs are not allowed.
    load resistance is 10 ohm.Max.gain in mid band should be greater or equal to 300.
    output swing should be 10 volt peak. input impedance should be 10K ohm.lower frequency should be less than or equal to 10 hertz. higher frequency should be greater or equal to 30KHz.
    DC output voltage less than or equal to 100mV. quiescent current less than or equal to 10mA.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    It seems pretty well started by the teacher. Most designs work backward, so start with the well defined output stage. When you get that done, you will understand what it needs to drive it. If you can do that in one stage, fine. If you can't, try two stages.
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    I attached a file about designing an audio amplifier (with quasi-complementary output stage or CFP). For EF pair stage sizing using what I said in the web address below:

    Use, in both cases (website and article PDF), Google Translate.
    If you combine the information from the two sources of information, you will get what you want. Unfortunately, I haven't nothing available in English.
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    Maybe start with reading what a Darlington Pair combination is, experiment, then what changes you can make to get the results you need. I've yet to study in fine detail transistors, but basics I am aware of. If you have basic knowledge of that, then you should be ok.