ATX Power Supply - switch issue

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    Aug 26, 2012
    Hi all,

    Hoping this would appear soon enough on the board as this is my first post here.

    I have a Silverstone ST350 power supply. It was bought a few years ago(out of warranty now) and the machine was hardly used. I had issues starting that machine over time but after a few tries it worked. Then earlier in the summer it stopped working completely!

    As I just don't like throwing out electronics unless they are really dead, I opened it up to see if anything can be done. There was never any burned electronics smell from it and even now it smells OK. I was looking for a fuse but couldn't find one except it is the one with a black sleeve on it. So I thought let me start from the beginning. I tested the switch continuity in both states and it turned out that the switch connects one wire of the ac supply but not the other (switch cuts both supply wires instead of only one).

    Here are the details of the switch just in case:

    At this stage: I see two options(assuming the PS is fine otherwise):

    1. Replace the switch
    2. Connect second wire directly without the switch
    The first option would either require me going out and finding out where I get either a new switch or find a dead ATX PS which has a switch.

    The second option brings up the question for those experienced in SMPS ATX power supplies. What would I loose by connecting the second wire directly to the power plug (permanently or temporarily)?

    My reasoning: The computers I have are usually powered ON and I rarely use the power switch. This is a Dell machine and the original PS didn't even have a ON/OFF switch.

    Thanks for the suggestions in advance.
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    U are right.

    Either way, it is fine.
  3. repairingworks

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    Aug 26, 2012
    The PS is working as new again. Further testing of one connection indicated that the switch is malfunctioning as pressing the connector to the side made it connect.

    Didn't want to play around with "fixing" the switch as it seems something which cannot be opened. Now one connection is direct and the other goes through the switch.

    Thanks all who read and R!F@@