atx power supply inline battery help pin 9 5v sb

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hi there i was wondering if it possible to put an inline 5 volt battery on pin 9 of the atx power supply. reason being if i leave my comp turned off at the wall i get the error message saying warning back up bios checksum error. i have tryed the cmos battery with multimeter i have even put another one in it thay check out ok .
so pin 9 is on all the time it acting like a memory wire as you would expect to find on your car strero
would there be any ideas how i can make a little circuit up and a how to guide
ps these pin 9 what is in the multi plug unclip quite easy so i can take pin 9 wire out. connect circuit to it and then the other wire can go where pin 9 lived. that if it possible to make the circuit up i have loads of grounds
regards james
pin 9 is standby it on all the time even when comp is turned off