ATX PC Power supply Master / Slave controller

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    Feb 2, 2008
    Hello all,

    I've built a circuit that allows controlling one (or more) ATX Power supplies automatically from one "Master", which automatically turns on the "Slave" PSU(s).

    This is done with only a few basic parts.

    • 2 Resistors
    • 1 Optoisolator
    • 1 LED
    • 1 Molex 'Male' connector.
    • 1 ATX 20/24 pin "Extension" cable

    The attached schematic shows the circuit.

    Notes: the 470 Ohm resistor can probably be swapped with a 390 Ohm, if none are on-hand...

    And the Green LED can be changed to any other kind (also be sure to change the resistor connected to it to match the LED's voltage)

    ATX Pinout here: