Attention Guest So Far Loosewire Has Admitted That He Started A Electronic's Business

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Joined Apr 25, 2008
Guest Loosewire is waiting for more members to come forward

to state they have started a electronics business,they are thinging

that Loosewire only belongs on off-topic.His advice about starting

business is not talked about. So guest you will be addressed more

on this subject. Have a member you know pm me for real questions.

I have posted some post on todays market for a new business.

I will keep this post updated with Information for guest,a big

market for new members are guest. This is a safe site,been here

for years with no problems.Loosewires business was started by

him alone,no backing. Members are welcome for Information on

how to start a business.Loosewire is always looking for a new careers

or business. I have a business model that will work for todays market.
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