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    Dec 30, 2008
    Hi friends,

    i am looking for a wiring diagram of an ATS panel for my genset. actually i have 2 lines of commercial power and each line is 3p/400-N. i have arranged a 30 kva generator also. so i want to made an ATS panel which work on below mentioned work..
    1- if first MAINS line off then load automatically shift to 2nd MAINS line.
    2- when Both MAINS line off then load shift on GENSET.
    3- when load is on 2ND MAINS line then if 1st mains line ON then load **** back to MAINS line#01..

    the purpose of arranging of two lines is to minimize the usage of generator. if any one can help me of making such kind of ATS panel. i will be very thank full to you