1. iliyatzukerman

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    Aug 23, 2012

    I am a new to ATMEL word of micro's and a litlle bit counfues can u help to understand wich toll i need to downlad for full development envoermant(copile+debug and download the file to board)
  2. thavinator

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    Jul 4, 2011
    Have you looked at Arduino? The arduino environment is built on avr-gcc, so it's fairly easy to start there and move onto more advanced tools and devices. You can even program an Arduino to serve as an ISP programmer to program other AVR devices. Otherwise. . .

    Software: Atmel Studio 6 supports the full range of AVR and Atmel ARM parts, in C and ASM and is free, but Windows only. You can also use avr-gcc with the text editor of your choice plus avrdude for programming (all of which are cross-platform), but that's a bit more work to setup and doesn't do the simulation/debugging that AS does.

    Hardware: USBASP programmers can be had for a few dollars from eBay, but are not directly supported by Atmel Studio, only support the most common AVR devices, and have no hardware debugging facility. You can build & simulate your project and generate a hex file in AS, and then use avrdude (freeware) to load it into the AVR, though. For a bit more money (~$50), the AVR Dragon will give you ISP, JTAG, PDI (some parts), and debugWire interfaces, and supports a wider range of devices. It is directly supported by Atmel Studio and can do hardware debugging. It also supports high voltage programming, which can be used to recover AVRs that are otherwise rendered unusable because of certain fuse settings.

    There area few other options out there for both software and hardware, but for a beginner, I think these are your best options.