Atmel 89xxx Programmer troubles...

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Hi all -
A couple of years or so ago I built this kit (K123 v1.1) that I purchased from a local electronics shop. At the time I didn't have a Windows OS based PC to communicate with the programmer so I put it in a drawer until a couple of weeks ago. Now that I have a machine that will run Windows OS too, I have been trying to program some AT89c52 and AT89c4051 µC units that I purchased back then too.

I am having troubles in several areas and have now gotten frustrated and am not sure where the "root" of the problem may be. I'll try to explain: I am compiling assembly with M-IDE Studio for MCS-51 to create the hex file. I think that is going ok. I am then uploading the file with hyperterminal (because the recommended term.exe won't run under XP) which seems to work on a fresh chip. If I try to program a chip again - it appears to erase ok, but "Blank Check" fails.

I have not been successful in setting up a circuit to test the program either. I don't know if I am setting the circuit up wrong, or if the program isn't burned to the chip or if the hex file compile failed or what.

I have searched diligently but I am unable to figure this one out. This is not a homework project or anything like that so no flames please. I do this to learn for "fun" LOL.

The following is the code example I am trying to use:
Rich (BB code):
org 000h
start: mov P0,#11110000b; Turn on LED on P0.0 - P0.3
       call delay       ; call delay time
       mov P0,#00001111b; Turn on LED on P3.4 - P0.7
       call delay; call delay time
       sjmp start; loooooop forever to start
;subroutine delay created to rise delay time
delay: mov R1,#255
del1:  mov R2,#255
del2:  djnz R2,del2
       djnz R1,del1

Attached are images of the breadboard and the programmer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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In my oppinion the leads to the crystal are to long.
Keep the lines to the crystal as short as possible.
Try to place the cryatsl near the processor.


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Thanks for the tips there Bertus. Unfortunately it didn't help. :(

I found a pre-made programmer at - I think I'll just order that. It comes with software for windows too. :)