Atmega32 and enc28j60 ethernet interface..PLZ HELP!

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hi ..i'm making a home automation project using atmega32's uC's and i wanted to make and outside control using enc28j60 kit(chip with it's peripherals and ethernet port)..
every uC will have an enc28j60 connected to it in every room in the house and connected to the internet through lan cable and each uC talk to the rest uC's through xbee modules.
and i'm sooo noob at this that it hurtz :((
i wish some1 could help me get started here cuz it's my graduation project and the time window is very narrow here :(..

0-i got the enc kit with the interface of (2 parallel lines of 5 male pins for each line) to connect them with the atmega32??

1-do u have any links i can use to get started (noob alert!).

2-does the enc28j60 enforces me to make weak html page with buttons only OR she only send and transmits data pkts and i will be able to make a rich environment website with no restrictions from the enc..i.e what type of web sites shall i use ?

3-i was told i will make a web server for it ...hoooow?

4-any suggestions?

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I would suggest starting with an arduino board and the ethernet shield kit which has that enc chip already.. Forget about multiple micros now.. Get one setup working/talking to the internet,etc.. Then expand.

Not to mention I would only have 1 of the micros with Ethernet capability..The other boards should just talk to that via your xbee or whatever.. (master--slave configuration sort of)

This should keep you busy for a while..

Trying to do your own hardware-software-TCP/IP stack-webserver,etc... is quite a lot of work.. But starting with a setup like the arduino (which uses Atmega 32 stuff already) /ethernet shield and has the hardware part all done will cut tons of time off your idea.. The libraries are already done..
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thanx man i really appreciate it..but the thing is...i do not know the difference bet that(arduino board) and the kit i purchased (see attached picture for it)
what i really need is to know if it's compatible with atmega32 or not and how to start making a webserver for it or how to start working at it...told a big noob :(..thx