AT89S51 Simple Project Help!!!

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    May 3, 2009
    Hi guys,
    I have wrote a program in Assembly coding.
    I'm new to this so please by all means give me suggestions
    ( coding are in red, sorry but i find it too messy :p)

    ORG 0
    REC BIT P2.2 ;Assign P2.2 Receiver
    SW BIT P2.1 ;Assign P2.1 to button
    LED BIT P1.1 ;Assgin P1.1 to LED

    Call_bus: JNB SW,Call_bus ;Jump When Switch is not press
    MOV C,SW ;Sent "High" into C
    MOV LED,C ; Sent "High" into LED , to turn it on
    Arrive: JNB REC,Arrive ; Wait for Receiver = HIGH
    Away: JB REC,Away ; Wait for Receiver = LOW
    CLR C ; Clear C
    MOV LED,C ; LED turn off
    CLR SW ; Switch is reset
    LJMP Call_bus ; Wait till button is press again


    It just a simple program , but i not sure if it is correct.
    But what i want the program to do is basically,

    1. Button pressed LED turn on
    2. Wait for Receiver to receive high signal from transmitter
    3. Wait for Receiever to receiver low signal from transmitter
    4. Led will turn off.
    5. Wait for button to be pressed

    I have loaded the program into the AT89S51 , & connected it up , but it doesn't seem to work , Anyone got any idea?