astrosyn stepper motor wiring

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hello all,
I have a Astrosyn stepper motor that i am trying to running off a basic stamp with a ULN 2003 driver IC chip. I just can't get the wiring right, the colors are black, white, red, yellow, blue, orange. I have another kind of stepper motor and it works fine with my config. But when I hook up the Astrosyn it just locks up, I tried moving wires but no go, can anyone help me with this.
thank you, justin


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I would guess that it's a four-phase stepper. You could always go to Astrosyn's web site and see. Assuming that it the case, then the four coils are arranged in pairs, each pair having a common. It would be simple to identify this with a meter. You might have to swap some end wires around to get it to run, though. Be real handy to have the spec sheet.