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    Aug 8, 2011
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    Photo on 2011-08-08 at 20.20.jpg Hello,
    I am interested in modding a light toy called astrojax. Essentially, the astrojax is a circular circuit board with either 2 or 3 batteries and 2 leds attached to it, facing opposite directions. In the attached pictures, you can see the places where the prongs of the leds fit in to place. Obviously the leds are not meant to be removed, however I really want to do so to mod my astrojax with different bulbs. I have broken most of my astrojax balls by breaking off the leds and trying to remove the remains of the leds prongs with a soldering iron. In doing so, I accidentally removed the metal pads where the led touches the circuit board. The only time we were successful removing the led without the pads was by using our fingers to force the led out of its slot using equal force on each side. This allowed us to remove the prongs, instead of breaking them off. This was very taxing on our fingers and nearly impossible, hence breaking multiple Astrojax balls. If anyone could recommend a more efficient way of removing the leds without soldering off the metal pads of the astrojax, I would be extremely appreciative.

    Thank you. Please see the attached pictures for reference.
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    Use "solder wick" to remove the solder. Its a copper braid sold at most electronic stores. You simply place that over the soldered side and then place your soldering iron over it. That will heat up the braid and cause the solder to "wick" into the copper braiding thus removing the solder..

    Or a solder bulb is also used.. Its like a small turkey baster that will allow you to suck the solder off the board using the vacuum created when you squeeze the bulb of the baster..