astak wireless camra receiver

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Right now I own a astak wireless camra and receiver and two camras. you can change the chanel by pressing a botton
to select a chanel, could someone give me some insite to making a the chanels switch on there own or a way to make a remote that I could change the chanels by. if someone could send me in the right direction that would be great thanks


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Not familiar with your cameras, but have played around with switching signals. Mine are all wired. At first, I just fed them all (4) through a VCR, and used the remote to switch channels, but wanted something automatic. Tried a CD4066 bilateral switch, but lost signal, needed to amplify (no ideas). So, I've been using a relay and a 555 astable to switch between front yard and backyard cameras. Works pretty good, a little noisey.
Bought a MAX454 chip ($10), but haven't gotten around to hooking it up. It basically handles the switching of 4 cameras, and has an amplifier. A 2 bit (pins) selects which channel. Haven't decided on how I want to do the program yet, or which AVR micro I'm going to use, so many posabilities.


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Why not contact their customer support first?

Michael Li ( michaell (at) )
Just change the " (at) " to "@" - I did it that way so his Email doesn't get picked up by spammers.

See what he says. If he's no help, then give us some more information - like HOW do you change channels (push buttons on a box, use a remote control, etc.)