Astable multivibrator

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Hello there. I am trying to design my own astable multivibrator using 9016 and a 9V battery because it is the only transistor my professor requires me to use. I don't know hot to design my own astable multivibrator. I tried designing one using Multisim but I used a different transistor because there is no 9016 transistor available in the multisim. Instead I used a TO-92 transistor just like 9016. which is the 2n2925. Is is the same? regarding they are both under TO-92? And how do I design an astable multivibrator? How can I know what capacitor and resistor values to use? Well I think you might tell me that I should have a specific frequency of square wave I wanted to generate. I wanted to generate a 1kHz square wave. How?:confused::confused::confused::confused: Thanks in advance. Sorry for the long question.


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I made a video a few months ago on making Multivibrators using Npn transistors .

The videos cover in detail a astable , monostable and bistable Multivibrators .
The first one is the bistable and the second is monostable and astable.

Enjoy and hope it helps :)

When you build it any of the multivibrators , I strongly suggest you play around with the values of the resistors and capacitors other than the ones mentioned to see if it works or not , and how it reacts etc
For more info and Formula to calculate frequency , visit