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thanks for helping me solve this problem...

In EEG signals analysis , 16Hz frequency information is highly useful for determining the alertness of any person. The frequency spectrum characteristics of EEG signals can be seen from Fast Fourier Transform . Now , write a program in PIC 18 for the following conditions :

a) If the EEG frequency response of the subject shows a value above 16Hz means, send a ASCII letter ‘Y’ to store it in memory location 0X11, and a red Led will be turned ‘ON’ at PORTD,0.

b) If suppose , the frequency response value is less than 16Hz means, send a ASCII letter ‘N’ to store it in that memory location (i.e. 0X11), and agreen LED will be turned ‘ON’ at PORTD,1 to represent normal condition of the signal.

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in what form PIC gets frequency? is it analog value or digital?

either way, ultimately you will need to get it into digital form so you can measure frequency or period of the signal (for example finding peak of analog signal and measuring time between peaks, or in case of digital signal measure time between rising edge).

rest is just writing value to a memory and controlling digital output.