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    Nov 3, 2009
    Scrolling text using four 7-segment displays. The Displays scrolls the words
    “PLEASE StOP HErE For ALL EEE COUrSES” continually. Note the creative use of
    lower case letters to enable more characters to be used – this only works when more​
    of the scrolling word can be seen, otherwise it becomes difficult to read. Have to use ""Pic 16F84"" have to be use for MPLAB.

    Example of programming

    goto start
    E1 bcf porta,1
    bcf porta,0
    movlw b'01111001'
    movwf portb
    bsf porta,0

    Is there any one can programm that for me I am struggling I need help please
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    May 11, 2009
    How about you. Have you stoped for some EEE courses;) This is homework and therefor I will quote the sticky from this section.
    So just give it try, and I am sure you will be rewarded