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datarate equ 5ch

movlw datarate
movwf SPBRG

isit it move the address of datarate(5ch) into SPBRG or move the content of datarate into SPBRG???

another question
i using hyperterminal communicate with how to write the programming for it..i got an example but cant understand

outbyte equ 20h
rxdatahi equ 21h

movf outbyte,w
movwf SSPBUF
goto $-1
movf SSPBUF,w
mowf rxdatahi
retlw 0

anyone can explain it ???thanks


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The code Doesn't actually make any real sense as we cant see all the coding still here is an explanation of what it does and also what you need to place in the forum before you can really ask these questions so that we can help you if we can that is

First of all there is no initial directive which tells you what processor you are using

Need to know this first ??


Rich (BB code):
list p=16f887 ; this tells us what processor is executing the program
Two: What library are you using this is in the form of
Rich (BB code):
#include <> ; the library we are importing from
Two A : Next we define what general purpose registers you want these begin depending on the processor that you have Starting normally at 0x20 hex but you need to check up on the devices datasheet that you are using

This is defined by the following line of code

Rich (BB code):
datarate equ 0x5c ;  variable named datarate this is where you will store your datarate located acc this code at 0x5C hex
Three : We need a configuration word for the processor we are using
This sets the internal fuses so that we can decide external clock internal RC Watchdog timer On / Off Code protect on or off etc

Rich (BB code):
Four: Where is the start address normally this at the reset vector of the micro

Rich (BB code):
org     0x0000          ; Address of the first program instruction
goto Main  ;  Jump to label named Main and begin execution from there
Five : The Interrupt vector should be defined This is where you Interrupt Timer interrupts start from


Rich (BB code):
org         0x0004          ; Interrupt vector

; Your Interrupt handler code is situated here 

retfie  ; the return from your interrupt code after being executed
Now we look at the next lines of code which are

Rich (BB code):
Main : 

    movlw datarate  ; this means move the literal value into the working     register so the value of datarate is moved in the working register 
        ; working register now contains value held in datarate 

    movwf SPBRG    ; means move the contents of the working register into file register general purpose register called SPBRG
            ; SPBRG now contains datarate

    outbyte equ 20h     ; your outbyte is the byte that you are sending to hyper terminal this is located at 0x20 normally general purpose registers
                ; start from 0x20 
    rxdatahi equ 21h    ; Rxdatahi I'm assuming is the high MSB of your byte  , word of your received info  from Hyper terminal 
                ; this is located at address 0x21 in your processor 

    movf outbyte,w        ; move the contents of general purpose register named outbyte into the working register
    movwf SSPBUF        ; now move that value from the working register into the special purpose register  named SSPBUF

       ; next lines of code are as follows 

       bsf STATUS,RP0        ; select bank 1 for general purpose registers or special function registers that you now need to access 
       btfss SSPSTAT,BF         ; check to see if  the BF Flag bit of special function register SSPSTAT is set 
                 ; if it is then skip the next instruction immediately  below 
       goto $-1                 ; if its not set then go back to the previous instruction this is basically a loop until the 
                 ; processor has seen this bit as set after which it then skips this line i.e "goto $-1" 

           bcf STATUS,RP0        ; we land up at this instruction here if BF was set This means $-2 was set when we tested this bit 
    movf SSPBUF,w           ; now move the contents of the SSPBUF into the working register
    mowf rxdatahi           ; next move the contents of the working register into the our general purpose register we defined at 0x21 hex called rxdadhi

    retlw 0             ; finally return  to the original callee of this subroutine and place zero in the working register continuing from where last 
                ;  called this set of instructions popping this method off the stack
Hope that explains this to you but this should all be outlined at any rate inside your Datasheet and your processors instructions, mnemonics and how to use them

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